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The National Folk Decorative Art Museum

The National Folk Decorative Art Museum

August 31, 2016

The National Folk Decorative Art Museum

Національний Музей українського народного декоративного мистецтва

The National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art is one of the largest art museums of Ukraine. Its collection comprises of over 80 thousand items of the traditional folk and professional decorative art of Ukraine since 15 till early 21 century.

The museum collection represents all types of traditional folk art of Ukraine – carpet weaving, fabric weaving, vybiyka (folk decorative printing on fabric), embroidery, pottery, wood carving and painting, artistic leather, bone and metal working, art glass, porcelain, glazed pottery, enamel, decorative painting, vytynanka (delicate ornament paper patterns), batik, painted Easter eggs, folk painting and icon painting.

The most numerous collection of the museum is devoted to the embroidery. It encompasses over twenty eight units of issue. Among others one can see devotional articles richly embroidered with silk, gold and silver threads (vozdushka – a peculiar napkin in the shape of cross or square used to cover the chalice, covers, fragments of ph(a)elonions and inner rasons) from the 18 till early 19 century).

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