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National Archives of Georgia

National Archives of Georgia

September 1, 2016

National Archives of Georgia

საქართველოს ეროვნული არქივი

The archive is an important part of the cultural life of modern humanity. It occupies a special place in the country as a treasure of the ancestors’ knowledge and experience, as a documentary memory. It is a precious treasury that holds the knowledge and experience of human beings, accumulated during the centuries, in the image of the historical documents. Archive and the archival activities are considered as an important field of the political building in modern civilized countries.

The National Archives serve the political, economic, scientific and cultural interests of the country and as an ancestors’ documentary heritage is the essential trapping of the authority.

From 2004 the archival institution represented the state subordination under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia – State department of Archives of Georgia.

In accordance with the law #71 from March 12, 2007, issued by the Minister of Justice of Georgia, the legal entity of public law the National Archives of Georgia was formed.

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