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Murmansk Museum of Regional Studies

Logo Murmansk Museum of Regional Studies

August 31, 2016

Murmansk Museum of Regional Studies

Мурманский Областной Краеведческий Музей


The museum’s mission is to form a positive image of the Kola region and represent the best of what is available in the tourist industry of the Murmansk region, forming a positive appeal.


It is oldest museum of the region, founded in 1926,  and is located in a building that is a historical monument of the city. It is engaged in acquisition, storage, the popularization of historical and cultural monuments of the Murmansk region. It features 17 exposition halls. In the section, entitled “Nature” there is the only Russian exhibition of the seabed, a dry aquarium, a unique geological collection extracted from a depth of 100 m to 12 km during the drilling of one of the Kola region’s super-deep wells.

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