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Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania

Archivist of Lithuania

September 1, 2016

Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania

Lietuvos Vyriausiojo Archyvaro Tarnyba

Archives preserves records of state, local government, enterprises, religious communities, popular organizations, other non-state institutions and individuals, dating from 1918 until 1990. The division of Sound and Image is the main repository of audiovisual heritage in Lithuania. It preserves moving pictures since 1919, photo negatives and positives since 1850’s, sound recordings since 1950’s, videotapes since 1988 until the present day.

The documents preserved in the Lithuanian Central State Archives comprise 9 sets.

Written documents: 2,177 fonds, approximately 3.5 million files occupying around 33,000 linear meters of shelving space.

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