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The Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina

September 1, 2016

The Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Arhiv Bosne i Hercegovine

The Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovine, the first modern archival institution in Bosnia-Herzegovina is established 1947. by decission of The Government of Peoples Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina No. 1061 on December 12, 1947. Nowaday this date is known as Archives Day in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

From 1965, by provision of Archives Act, name of this institution is changed into Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Today, in the independent state of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Archives works under this name.

Although archival service, as organised activity for preservation, protection and professional procession of archives in Bosnia-Herzegovina started in 1947, in Bosnia-Herzegovina there is significant tradition of preservation and keeping archives. In absence of archival institutions, a lot of archives have been kept by libraries, museums and other institutions, and also by particular persons. Many of B. H. Archives are raised from fonds of libraries and museums. Although the number of these institutions in past was small, and they did not pay attention on records today known as public archives, without these institutions many of archives would not been saved.

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