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The 21st Century Silk Road: China’s Belt and Road Initiative – Online Program


University of Washington Professor David Bachman and EARC Program Leader Tese Wintz Neighbor joined together in a discussion on one of China’s most important and impactful development strategies of the 21st Century.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative marks a major expansion in China’s growing world in international affairs. It now includes land and maritime silk roads, an arctic silk road and a digital silk road. Much of the developed world sees the Belt and Road as a Chinese strategy and power play, leading to debt traps and Chinese imperialism. But China’s motives are multiple and while there are indeed significant downsides to the Belt and Road, it is filling a number of global needs and national aspirations of the countries China works with.

David Bachman, Professor of International Studies in the Jackson School of International Studies, and former chair of the China Studies Program, gave a lecture on this topic, followed by a Q&A session. EARC Program Leader and China expert Tese Wintz Neighbor presented a resource package for participants.


May 14, 2020; 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM PST.

This online program was held on Zoom.


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