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Summer travel and study

Summer with EARC

EARC hosts residential summer institutes in Seattle which are open to educators nation-wide. EARC does not currently offer summer study tours.

Summer study at other NCTA coordinating sites

Travel with NCTA coordinating sites

The NCTA national coordinating sites at Columbia University and the Five College Center for East Asian Studies have offered subsidized summer study tours in recent years and may do so again next summer. Sign up for their email updates to to be alerted about these opportunities: Columbia. We will also send announcements to the EARC email list when applications for NCTA summer study tours open. In order to be eligible for these study tours, teachers must have already completed roughly 30 hours of NCTA courses, either online or in person. All EARC seminars count toward this total. 

Summer study with other organizations

Travel with other organizations

Other organizations that arrange free and/or subsidized teacher travel opportunities to China, Japan and Korea include:

Please check each organization’s website for information about whether or not they will host a teacher study tour to East Asia this year.

Teachers are also encouraged to arrange their own experiences abroad with funding from programs such as Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching and the Fund for Teachers.



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