Mischell Anderson

Anchorage, AK


Mischell Anderson has been a high school teacher for 25 years. She has taught in four countries, working with students from kindergarten through college age. Her areas of expertise include World History, on-level and Advanced Placement, as well as Advanced Placement Psychology. She has a Masters in Education from Flinders University of South Australia, with a focus on gifted education. She has been involved in leading the development of numerous curricular materials for school districts around the United States, specializing in materials related to East Asia. Mischell has traveled extensively, visiting 5 continents. She has spent substantial amounts of time in Japan, South Korea, and China. Recently she also visited Taiwan on an NCTA pilot study tour. She uses her travel experiences to help her develop relevant and engaging curricular materials for teachers and students. She greatly enjoys working with fellow teachers, assisting them in locating and developing the best resources for their classrooms.