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Edo Japan: 1600 to 1688

Comments from participants

“I will use knowledge and primary sources in my discussion of Tokugawa Japan in my AP World History classes.” – anonymous participant

“I will be adding the books to my student reading list and using content from the lectures to improve my content information.” – anonymous participant

“This directly relates to my AP World History course, so comparing and contrasting different time periods in Japanese History is very important.” – anonymous participant

“The strongest point is the expertise in the subject matter provided by Dr. Woods. After completing several of these seminars over the past few years, he continues to amaze me with the depth and breadth of his knowledge.” – anonymous participant

“I learned much about the way Japan operated during the Tokugawa Age. My students have a lot of questions about this so I feel better answering those queries with this foundation under my feet. These seminars are so helpful and I’m grateful for the NCTA, the EARC, the Freeman Foundations, etc. My students get a better education about Asia thanks to all the resources with which I am provided by these entities.” – anonymous participant


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