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China’s Past: New Strategies for Teaching the Sources of Chinese Civilization

China's Past


China's Past Summer InstituteDescription

China’s Past: New Strategies for Teaching the Sources of Chinese Civilization covered a broad range of Chinese history including Confucius and the foundations of Chinese culture, the legacies of the Tang and Song dynasties, and the ways in which Chinese history is understood in China today. Particular attention was given to curriculum and resources for teachers of grades 3-8.

Seminar highlights
  • The exchange of goods and ideas during the cosmopolitan Tang Dynasty
  • Daily life in the prosperous, bustling cities of the Song Dynasty
  • Chinese art forms as they cross space and time, touching on painting, gardens, porcelain, poetry and literature


July 25-29, 2016
8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (Mon-Fri)
University of Washington, Seattle


This seminar was planned by veteran NCTA seminar leader Patricia Burleson. It was led by EARC Director Mary Bernson with guest lectures by UW faculty Deborah Porter and David Bachman and guest presentations by Oralee Kramer and EARC staff.


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