Past programs

Teaching about China and Japan in Your Classroom

Program Start Date: Jul 28 2014

Location: Seattle, WA

Teaching about China and Japan Edo Street Craft

This seminar focused on integrating essential knowledge about China and Japan into geography, history, language arts, and art units. Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were addressed as we developed sample activities and explored ways to integrate content.

Artists Respond to 20th Century East Asian History and Culture

Program Start Date: Jul 7 2014

Location: Seattle, WA


‘Artists Respond’ explored the events of the turbulent 20th century from the perspective of visual artists from China, Japan and Korea. Throughout this period of great conflict, arts have been employed and mobilized to reflect the ever-changing political, economic, and social landscape of East Asia.

East Asia: Great Traditions and Modern Transformations

Program Start Date: Jun 23 2014

Location: Ashland, OR

Great wall of China and little boy

The seminar offered sessions on the history and culture of China, Japan, and Korea–traditional and modern–plus demonstrations of nationally recognized curriculum resources for teaching about East Asia.