West Lake and the Representation of an Iconic Place

Program Start Date: Oct 13 2017

Hui-shu Lee Chinese Art, University of California Los Angeles Friday, October 13th 2pm Thomson Hall 317  By focusing on a lengthy painting titled Panorama of Hangzhou on West Lake in the collection of the Freer Gallery, a detailed visual documentation of the splendor of the Southern Song (1126-1279) imperial capital Lin’an (present-day Hangzhou) as seen

Prof. Jeff Hou publishes new book on urban resistance and public space

October 23, 2017

Prof. Luke Bergmann publishes monograph on disease control

October 16, 2017

Prof. Zev Handel awarded Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation grant

October 16, 2017

China Studies alum Benjamin Lee receives Fulbright Scholarship

October 16, 2017

Professor Stevan Harrell Retirement Reception

May 19, 2017

Ph.D. Candidate Matthew Van Duyn Awarded Fulbright Research Grant

May 9, 2017

Vincent Y.C. Shih Endowed Professorship in China Studies Inauguration

April 27, 2017

M.A. Candidate Daniel Rechtschaffen Awarded Critical Language Scholarship

March 13, 2017