Zack Nachod, '22

BS, Oceanography


Zack Nachod is a junior in oceanography studying physical oceanography and ocean technology. In addition to the Arctic studies minor, he is pursuing minors in climate science and applied mathematics. He is currently researching geostrophic flow and other physical processes in the ocean such as ocean stratification and potential vorticity. He hopes to apply his future research to the arctic regions of the world. He also worked as a research and development intern this past summer, helping to develop acoustic technologies to listen, monitor, and protect marine mammals around the San Juan Islands. Zack was drawn to the Arctic Studies minor from his personal goal of mitigating the global effects of climate change as much as possible, and is optimistic that we will find a solution! He wants to gain a better understanding and knowledge of the Arctic as it is the region that will be most affected by the consequences of climate change, as well as an area that can have impacts on the rest of the world. He wants the next generation to pursue their dreams without having to worry about the oppressiveness of environmental issues in the future, especially for groups/areas that experience the unequal effects of climate change. He is expecting to graduate in the spring of 2022, and intends to continue on to graduate school to pursue more research.