Yanni Chang

MD, MPH, Global Health, Inuktitut


I am a concurrent MD/MPH student in the Global Health program. Since 2015 I have been studying clinical medicine at the UW School of Medicine and have trained in both urban and rural settings in Washington, Montana and Alaska. During my master of public health program, I have learned to develop a multidisciplinary and multicultural perspective towards population health, and have gained research and analytical skills to better integrate my interests in clinical medicine, biomedical research, public health and advocacy. I am interested in learning traditional healing practices of the Inuit communities in order to better promote the delivery of culturally sensitive and effective health care and address the significant physical and mental health disparities among Indigenous communities. Engaging in Canadian studies would provide a new lens for understanding cross-border dynamics and the Arctic region. I believe learning Inuktitut represents a key step in developing more trusting and equitable relationships with members of the Arctic communities and will facilitate more opportunities for community-based research. The Arctic region has received increased attention due to climate change and geopolitical challenges, as well as augmented interest in expanding resource extraction. Maintaining and building social and cultural support for Indigenous communities is essential for national security, providing opportunities for transnational Arctic collaboration, and knowledge and resource sharing.