Vida Wang

BA, Law, Societies and Justice


Vida Wang is a junior at the University of Washington majoring in Law, Societies, and Justice. She was born in British Columbia, Canada but later relocated with her family to the Greater Seattle area. In receiving the honor of interning at the Consulate General of Canada in Seattle, she is excited for the opportunity to enrich her understanding of personal interests such as political research, policy development, and advocacy efforts. As well as to gain insights into the Canada-U.S. relationship under the influence of Canadian Diplomats and Governmental Affairs experts. She anticipates this will also serve as a place where she can explore more unfamiliar subjects through the development of project briefs. These will cover a diverse set of topics including the environment, energy, economics, foreign and defense policy, etc. The skills and experiences acquired from this position she expects will largely be beneficial as she pursues a career in the legal profession. While she is still exploring what area of law she wants to practice in as an attorney, one of her considerations in making this decision is if she will be able to utilize her international ties in a productive and fulfilling manner.