Treat Schubert

BA, International Studies, Linguistics
Headshot of Treat Schubert, from the shoulders up. He wears a navy suit jacket, a blue shirt, and a blue patterned tie.


My name is Treat Bartholomew Schubert. I am from Leavenworth, Washington, but I have lived abroad for a good portion of my life abroad in Uruguay, Latvia, and Japan. At the University of Washington, I have chosen to major in International Studies and Linguistics, with minors in Latvian and Japanese. Growing up overseas with an American father and a Canadian-American mother working as teachers, my family and I were constantly interacting with and being served by diplomats of both nationalities. I have always dreamed of being able to serve the USA and Canada like this, therefore I am incredibly honored to have been selected for the internship at the Consulate General of Canada in Seattle. At the consulate, I am looking forward to gaining experience in research, communicating with members of government, and social media outreach. Beyond this, learning about how current events impact trade and relations between nations will be of specific interest to me at the consulate. Although the last few quarters have been online and at home, I am grateful to be able to take the first step towards a global career, hopefully in the near future.