Spencer Thompson, '23

BS, Marine Biology
Spenser Thompson smiles in front of a snowy mountain. He wears a gray t-shirt.


I am a marine biology major, and the many fascinating animals I have learned about from the Arctic inspired me to pursue a minor in the subject! I have a passion for helping animals, especially polar bears and narwhals, but I am also interested in sustainable energy sources and aquaculture systems that could further conservation.

I was born and raised in Seattle and have also had a love for the ocean and the animals in and around it. I volunteered at the Seattle Aquarium for several years and the experience deepened my understanding of human interactions with nature and with each other. Education and outreach are important aspects of conservation, and I hope to be able to write or advise on environmental policies in the government that are built on a community dialogue. People living in the world are a priority for future sustainable action, and they should be informed about their interactions and impacts on wildlife they share space with.

The Arctic is one of the most dramatically changing ecosystems, and burgeoning human commerce in the region might threaten the animals or lifestyles of peoples already living there. I hope to advocate for both and try to keep the Arctic as pristine as possible. While global energy and food supplies require a great deal of transportation, such as shipping through the Arctic, I hope to instead promote local sustainability of renewable energy sources and aquaculture that could bolster communities.