Sopheakvatey Chey

MA, Public Health, French


The Canadian healthcare system has been the center of discussion in many global health courses that I have taken thus far.  All in all, there is a lot of things that we (as global health practitioners) can learn from Canada’s approach to achieve health equity for everyone. I am currently very interested in learning more about the relationship between the public and private healthcare sectors and its role in attaining Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and how that compares to the current healthcare system in Canada. The French language will provide me the necessary communication framework to pursue this research interest.

After completing my Master of Public Health degree, I hope to work with NGOs in partnerships with the Ministry of Health in Cambodia to achieve my goal of obtaining health equity—by working on healthcare system strengthening. I believe that the ability to communicate in French will make me a strong candidate in the job market after completing my MPH.