Sofia Denkovski

BS, Marine Biology
Sofia Denkovski stands in front of a canal in Amsterdam


My name is Sofia and I am a third year undergraduate student majoring in marine biology and minoring in Arctic Studies! I was born in Canada and lived around the United States my whole life. I have been passionate about marine life ever since I was a little kid and I continue to be inspired by it today. After hearing a talk from Dr. Kristin Laidre, and especially after being in her class (FISH 464, highly recommend!) it became clear that learning more about the Arctic region was something super important to me! It’s amazing to me how marine life in the Arctic are so specialized to survive in those harsh conditions. Additionally, as anthropogenic climate change continues to alter polar regions, I feel inclined to learn all that I can to help the ecosystems, animals, and human lives that are directly affected by it. In the future, I hope to research Arctic or subarctic cetacean behavioral ecology and eventually become a professor!