Sandra Paola

MA, Applied International Studies, French


My name is Sandra Paola and I am a master’s student in Applied International Studies (MAAIS). I am interested in studying trilateral cooperation in North America from a Canadian perspective. Through the study of French and Canada’s national considerations in immigration policy, I aim to build a scope of study that addresses current security, economic, political, and social migration challenges that involve a Franco-Anglo-Spanish language nature. My goal is to eventually juxtapose North American migration movements to similar processes of post-colonial states in Africa to Europe.

I also want to study the sociological aspects of the migrant identity to understand the human dimension in the world of foreign diplomacy. As a first-generation immigrant from Comala, Mexico, my studies have a personal significance. I understand circumstances born from movement control leading migrants and refugees to follow paths that are less traveled, but that are often inflicted with barriers. I want to study these systemic processes to enhance relations between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, and underline the benefits of migrant integration to states. My mother once told me it is through language that we can make our presence known. I’m a fervent language learner because it allowed me to create agency for myself, and now I hope to create agency for others. I believe language can aid societies bridge barriers in a polarized world and the FLAS fellowship empowers me to build a career in foreign policy administration in the public or private sector where I can address these barriers.