Sandra Bonequi

MA, French and Italian Studies, French


I am a second-year MA candidate in Applied International Studies (MAAIS) with the Jackson School of International Studies. I’m pursuing a second MA in French Studies through the French and Italian Studies Department. My research on migration and displacement is inspired by my migration journey from Mexico when I was 18 years old. I’m interested in the intersection of language and diasporic identities from the global south. I want to learn how colonial languages like French, Spanish, and English affect displaced populations and the identity of migrants.

My language and area studies focus on addressing how trilateral cooperation in North America from a Canadian perspective can bring solutions to migration challenges. Increasing my French fluency is vital for my professional goals. My current capstone team research project looks at initiatives to provide primary and universal health care to vulnerable francophone populations. Post-graduation, I hope to work for an international organization or a governmental actor to work towards inclusive policies and strategic initiatives that bolster a migrant and refugee’s identity to become a stakeholder in their journey.