Samuel Warkentin

Environmental Studies, UW to University of Victoria, 2018-2019 Corbett Recipient
Sam Warkentin


My name is Sam Warkentin and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Washington majoring in environmental studies. I am from Bainbridge Island, Washington, and have lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of my life. I was drawn to studying abroad at the University of Victoria, where the Environmental Studies Department has focuses on ethno-ecology, ecological restoration, and political ecology. While I am looking forward to studying these topics next year, I am also very excited for the opportunity to explore Victoria and Vancouver Island. I can’t wait to hike, meet new people, and experience a culture at least somewhat different from what I am used to. The opportunity to experience this culture for a full school year will be an amazing experience, and one I feel very fortunate to have in the year ahead!

Corbett Scholar, Sam Warkentin, Environmental Studies, UW to UVic