Nathalie Boucher

Anthropologist, Respire
Headshot of Nathalie Boucher


Nathalie Boucher, anthropologist of the city, holds a master’s degree in anthropology from Université Laval, and a doctorate in urban studies from the Institut national de recherche scientifique— Centre Urbanisation Culture Société (2012), Canada. Recipient of several grants and scholarships, she has carried out and collaborated on close to twenty research projects since 2006 on different facets of public space, in Aboriginal and urban settings in Canada and in the Pacific region. Always with the objective of understanding interactions between humans, the built and natural environment in the public space, she has developed a methodology inspired by ethnography, that includes interviews, observation and mapping. She teaches the foundations of this methodology in several universities and community organizations, and now offers this perspective through the NGO Respire, which she founded in 2016.