Mabon Kroker

Biology, York University to UW, 2022-2023 Killam Fellow
Mabon Kroker, wearing a blue rain jacket, stands in front of a river with big boulders in it.


My name is Mabon Kroker and I am coming to UW from York University in Toronto. I am in my third year of a general honours biology BSc with a minor in philosophy.

I decided to try for the Killam Fellowship not only for the academic excellence of the institutions, but also because I wanted to learn more about the United States. In Canada, and especially in Toronto, we are exposed to so much American media and culture. It will be exciting to see how much of what I think I know about the U.S. is true, and how much of it will be a surprise.

My academic interests include ecology, chemistry, and philosophy. Recently, I have been thinking about the connection between ecology and philosophy. I think it is extremely important, especially now, to question what our relationship to the natural world actually is. Are we a part of nature or outside of it? Do we have environmental responsibilities as humanity, as individuals, or something in between? I think that the response to the current ecological situation will ultimately define the relationship between humans and nature, and human nature itself.

I am greatly looking forward to meeting new people, exploring Seattle and studying at UW!

The Killam Fellowship Program allows undergraduate students from Canada and the United States to participate in a program of binational residential exchange. This program, administered by Fulbright Canada, is supported by an endowment from the American Killam Trusts, Global Affairs Canada, and the Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the United States of America (Fulbright Canada). It is an integral part of the Foundation’s multidimensional strategy to foster mutual understanding between Canada and the United States of America. The Canadian Studies Center is a partner institution with the Killam Foundation enabling up to two full academic year fellowships annually for UW students.