Lucy Amelia Kruesel

MA, Education (Native education focus), Fall 2016 IPI Fellow; Winter 2017 IPI Fellow; Spring 2017 IPI Fellow


Following Nordic handcraft and sustainable design, Lucy is tracing natural resources and craft practices to examine how they are transformed through climate change, technology and contemporary concepts of “science.”  Working towards a Masters of Education focused on Native Education, Environmental Policy, and Historic Preservation, she is exploring ways to engage students (intergenerational) while questioning curriculums and making space for Traditional Ways of Knowing.  She hopes to be a part of empowerment in Indigenous communities to help achieve self-determination, self-mobilization and environmental leadership that they desire. Influenced by my Bachelors Degree from University of Puget Sound in Geology, she is combing many conceptual interpretations of Science, and ways we communicate scientifically.

Research interests: Economies driven by self-expression & creativity; cultural sensitivity/focus within & around educational curriculum; natural resources as cultural resources; creativity as survival, livelihood in “weather-extreme” regions.

International Policy Research Arctic Fellow Activities