Kiwoong Nam

Visiting Scholar, 2023-24
Headshot of Kiwoong Nam


Kiwoong Nam is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Lapland. He is managing a Business Finland-funded project called “Empathy Business” (2023-2024, Grant number: 7784/31/2022). Kiwoong has experience working in global manufacturing and service companies and has a PhD in design from the University of Leeds, UK. In his PhD, Kiwoong has researched design value and its measurement for the strategic use of design in the service industry with qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Kiwoong was also involved in two EU-funded projects (PARTY – Participatory Development with the Youth and AMASS – Acting on the Margin: Art as Social Sculpture) as a guest researcher and a postdoctoral researcher, respectively. His current research interests include Service design for social innovation, Empathic design, and Design value.