Justin Wong

International Relations, University of British Columbia, 2021-2022 Corbett Recipient


My name is Justin Wong and I am a fourth-year dual degree student studying international relations at the University of British Columbia and Sciences Po Paris. I’ve lived in Vancouver for almost my entire life and am blessed to call the Pacific Northwest my home.

Although separated by an international border, we Cascadians share a common appreciation for multiculturalism, the outdoors, and environmentalism amongst other things. Through the Corbett Exchange Program, I am excited to make connections with students from Washington, further cultural exchanges and people-to-people ties, learn more about the day-to-day lives in different parts of the Pacific Northwest, and leave empowered to promote goodwill and greater exchanges within our region.

The Corbett British Columbia-Washington International Exchange Program Fund provides an opportunity for undergraduate students at the University of Washington to spend two semesters at the University of British Columbia or University of Victoria; and for students from the University of British Columbia and University of Victoria to spend three quarters at the University of Washington.