Julia Lindsay

Cognitive Systems, University of British Columbia to UW, 2018-2019 Corbett Recipient


I am a Vancouverite currently studying cognitive systems at the University of British Columbia. My program is interdisciplinary and draws from the fields of computer science, neuroscience, philosophy and linguistics. I am particularly interested in modeling human decision-making, which is difficult since it is rarely rational! Eventually, I hope to study law and develop policy that addresses new technology (particularly artificial intelligence) and the ethical concerns that often accompany it.

Studying at a computer science mecca such as Seattle will help me understand what the technology of today – and tomorrow – is capable of. Additionally, since the field of cognitive systems is expanding so rapidly, the faculty at the University of Washington will expose me to a different perspective and maybe entirely different information than my home faculty. I also plan to get involved with one of UW’s many research centers. During my time in Seattle, I hope to build connections that I can continue to draw on for the rest of my career.

My other interests include competitive rowing and (non-competitive) ice cream tasting. I am truly looking forward to exploring the city by water and by scoop!