Jenny Miller

Photomedia and American Indian Studies, UW to University of Western Ontario, 2012–2013 Killam Fellow
Jenny Miller


Jenny Miller, Photomedia & American Indian Studies
2012–13 Killam Fellow
Study-in-Canada, University of Western Ontario (Fall 2012)
While studying in Canada I look forward to enriching my education and art by uniting with the Canadian Inuit and First Nations people. As an Inupiat from Northwest Alaska, I hope to share stories of the past, as well as to aide in the preservation of our cultures through artistic outreach and self-representation. Through the friendships I make in Canada I would like to use my art to diminish the stereotypes that keep our people in the past. With this tremendous experience I will learn from the Canadian Inuit and First Nations new ways of empowering and enriching the lives of our people. I greatly look forward to the opportunity.

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