Hannah Garland

JD, Law, LLM, Sustainable International Development, French


My name is Hannah Garland and I am a JD student at the University of Washington School of Law. I am also concurrently pursuing an LLM degree in Sustainable International Development at UW Law. I am broadly interested in the legal and governmental relationship between the United States and Canada. My focus is the relationship between the United States, Canada, and Indigenous Nations whose traditional tribal territories cross the United States – Canada border. The Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship through University of Washington’s Canadian Studies Center will allow me to study the topics of Canadian human rights and Indigenous governance more deeply.

Fluency in French would increase my ability to communicate, research and work effectively in Canada and on Canadian based legal issues. The ability to speak French will significantly contribute to my goal of working in international law. Additionally, being bilingual is known to foster cross-cultural interaction and engagement, which I believe is a vital part of being an ethical law professional.

Ultimately, I hope to use a dual JD/LLM degree to be a leader in the development and growth of global programs that focus on the intersection of the legal field with social and political issues. The FLAS Fellowship will support me in reaching that goal.