Eugene Kobiako

Biology and International Studies, UW to University of Ottawa, 2011–2012 Killam Fellow
Eugene Kobiako


Eugene Kobiako, Biology & International Studies
2011–12 Killam Fellow
Study-in-Canada, University of Ottawa (Winter 2011)
Being a Killam fellow has greatly enriched my undergraduate experience as it gave me the opportunity to discover more about the great Canadian cultural mosaic. As an international studies major, I have the need to travel and discover new places, and through this generous fellowship, I was able to study in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, and travel throughout Quebec and the Canadian Maritime provinces (seeing exotic sights such as the beautiful and distant Prince Edward Island!). Academically, I believe my extensive study of Canadian foreign policy and Canadian relations in the Canadian capital greatly supplemented my studies, and this knowledge and experience will surely be beneficial to my professional career. I will forever be grateful for the Killam fellowship.

Killam Fellow Learns Much about Canada from his Semester in Ottawa