Elena Bell

PhD, International Studies, Inuktitut


Elena Serebryanik Bell is a PhD candidate at the Jackson School of International Studies. Her research focuses on Indigenous film as a cross–border self–representation, communication, and educational tool. She conducts this examination of the Indigenous cinematic boom that developed simultaneously and independently two Arctic sub–regions – Sakha Republic (Russia) and Nunavut (Canada).

Presently, the Indigenous peoples’ role as custodians of diverse territories, and linguistic and cultural diversity is recognized by many. However, putting this recognition into action continues to be a challenge. Elena’s research advances the goal of including more Indigenous voices into the worldwide cross border dialogue, giving the centerstage to the people representing the Arctic Region.

Elena conducts her research in Russian and English. Inuktitut, which the FLAS fellowship enables her to study, provides an invaluable unique perspective. Studying Inuktitut and Canada opens a new dimension of understanding of the Arctic Region. Canadian Studies courses give Elena an opportunity to gain the knowledge necessary to balance her two–country comparative analysis. Her work has been published in the U.S. in the World Policy Institute’s Arctic in Context blog, as well as in Russia by АИРО XXI (Association of the Russian Society of Researchers).