Benjamin Parsons

Physics, UW to University of Victoria, 2019–2020 Killam Fellow


My name is Benjamin Parsons. I am currently a freshman at the University of Washington and plan on pursuing a physics major. I will be attending the University of Victoria for the spring semester of 2020 and while there I intend to immerse myself in Canadian culture and take unique classes that are not offered at the UW.

I am interested in studying abroad in Canada because, while the United States and Canada are right next to each other, there are many cultural variations that I am excited to explore! I first became interested in studying abroad in Canada during a course on Indigenous diplomacies and international relations in the Arctic. I am looking forward to learning more about the Arctic while I am in Canada, since Canada has a much more vocal input on Arctic policies and is a lot more engaged in the preservation of the Arctic than the United States. I am looking forward to the opportunity to make connections and challenge myself both academically and personally, and seeing where this adventure brings me!

The Killam Fellowship Program allows undergraduate students from Canada and the United States to participate in a program of binational residential exchange. This program, administered by Fulbright Canada, is supported by an endowment from the American Killam Trusts, Global Affairs Canada, and the Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the United States of America (Fulbright Canada). It is an integral part of the Foundation’s multidimensional strategy to foster mutual understanding between Canada and the United States of America. The Canadian Studies Center is a partner institution with the Killam Foundation enabling up to two full academic year fellowships annually for UW students.