Amy Lu

Cognitive Systems, University of British Columbia to UW, 2018-2019 Corbett Recipient


My name is Amy Lu and I’m currently a second-year student at the University of British Columbia pursuing a Bachelor of Science in cognitive systems, with a specialization in the brain and cognition. I was born in Beijing, China, but moved to Canada in 2005. I have been a Canadian citizen since 2015, living in Vancouver and loving every moment. I frequently visit Seattle and am very honored to the have the chance to study at the University of Washington.

Canada is a very special place to me. It allowed my family to start a better life, especially for myself. It offered a place of innovation, inspiration and perseverance. I am very lucky to be able to study at UBC, where the campus is beautiful, the community is multicultural, and the learning is endless.

For me, Seattle feels like a home away from home. It takes little parts of Vancouver into itself and brings those together to create a whole new experience. I hope that the culture, landscape, and community of Seattle will make it become another very special place to me. Through this exchange I am excited to bring my Chinese Canadian heritage to contribute to and build upon my global mindset.