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Welcome UW’s 2021-22 Fulbright Canada Visiting Chair in Arctic Studies

April 26, 2022

Tram Nguyen, Ph.D., is UW’s Fulbright Canada Visiting Chair in Arctic Studies whose research concerns social justice and underrepresented communities.

As an early-career researcher, Tram Nguyen has an established reputation for strong collaborative work both nationally and internationally and a proven track record for research and teaching excellence and productivity. Tram completed a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Banting Fellowship (2016-2019) and Brain Canada Postdoctoral Fellowship (2019-2021) in citizen and community engagement in research. Most recently she was appointed as a researcher for the March of Dimes, Canada program based at the University of Toronto. 

Prior to her residency at UW as Fulbright Arctic Chair, Tram joined the Canadian Studies Center’s Global Innovation grant project as a collaborator. The grant project is investigating wellness in Arctic Indigenous communities and beyond. 

The focus of Tram’s Fulbright work is on advancing health and well-being among Arctic Indigenous communities across the circumpolar north to address health disparities and issues of social justice. As a Vietnamese immigrant, Tram is passionate about collaborative partnerships in ethnic and underrepresented communities. Her research engages in cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary, lifespan approach in facilitating holistic services and supports to optimize community integration and participation. She is also a knowledge mobilization and implementation scientist who is part of an interdisciplinary, interprofessional, and international research program called the Integrated Knowledge Translation Network which explores meaningful research partnerships and engagement.

In spring quarter 2022, Tram Nguyen is teaching one of the required courses for UW’s minor in Arctic studies: ARCTIC 401. The course focuses on wellbeing in Arctic Indigenous communities and is part of a public lecture series “Health Equity, Diversity, Inclusion in Arctic Indigenous Communities.”

UW’s Fulbright Canada Visiting Chair in Arctic Studies is supported by the UW Office of Global Affairs, the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, Social Sciences Division, College of Arts and Sciences, College of the Environment, and the Foundation for Educational Exchange Between Canada and the United States of America, Ottawa. The Canadian Studies Center in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, serves as the hosting unit for the Fulbright Canada Chair.