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Subject Guides for Canadian Studies News from the UW Library Collections

March 30, 2010

Sion Romaine2010

Sion Romaine (Canadian Studies Librarian) and Faye Christenberry (English Studies Librarian) review resources for Canadian literature available through the UW Libraries.

Not sure where to start when beginning your research? Consider checking out the Libraries’ newly revamped subject guide pages.

This summer, the University Libraries migrated all of its subject guides to a new platform called LibGuides with the goal of creating a more intuitive experience for users needing assistance with the research process. The LibGuides software provides access to library resources – including article databases, catalogs, reference books and web sites – organized by topic.

As part of this project, UW librarians have been hard at work creating and revising subject guides for specialized research topics in Canadian Studies. Theresa Mudrock (History) revised her guide for Canadian history, while Faye Christenberry (English Studies) revised her guide for Canadian literature. And I created a new guide for the Arctic and Circumpolar Regions.

LibGuides also allows UW librarians to easily and quickly create specialized research guides for classes or lectures. For example, for the recent Douglas Janoff roundtable on the Impact of Homophobia on LGBT Citizens: A Comparative Canada-U.S. Perspective, Cass Hartnett, subject librarian for Gay and Lesbian Studies, mounted a hyper-linked version of Janoff’s recommended resources for further reading.

To browse the revamped subject guides, visit and select Canadian Studies to see the guides related to Canada.

Sion’s degree is from the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, at the University of British Columbia with a research focus in First Nations library services. Sion oversees the Libraries Subject Guide on Canada, provides a monthly notice of new Canadian Studies acquisitions, and serves as the Library representative on the Executive Council for the Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium.