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Québec curriculum training for K-12 educators

French educators participated in curriculum training led by Rachel Sauvé. Photo credit: Hedwige Meyer.

March 25, 2020

Twenty French educators from across the state enjoyed an all-day workshop on Québec, in French, from l’Université Laval’s director of language programs.

The Canadian Studies Center, in partnership with UW’s Department of French and Italian Studies, Language Learning Center, UW in the High School and the Government of Québec, provided the all-day workshop “Le Québec, connais-tu?” at the UW in late February. Twenty UW in the High School teachers and other faculty were introduced to Québec’s history and culture and provided the tools to integrate Québec content into their curricula.

The workshop was conducted entirely in French and hosted by Rachel Sauvé, director of l’École de langues at Université Laval. Workshop participants were extremely pleased with the workshop and Sauvé’s instruction noting:

” Toutes les activités étaient amusantes et utiles.”
“(j’ai aimé) les activités que je peux utiliser sans beaucoup d’adaptation dans mes cours au lycée.”
“J’ai beaucoup apprécié les activités. On a bien discuté et je vais employer la vidéo et la musique en classe.”

Hedwige Meyer, affiliated faculty of the Center and principal lecturer in the Department of French and Italian Studies, chaired the workshop. In summer 2019, Hedwige traveled to Québec to set up the workshop with the Government of Québec and l’Université Laval. She also developed an intensive French summer study abroad program with l’Université Laval.

The Laval language program is tailored to the skills of each student, and allows them to undertake immersive French study while also engaging in cultural activities to expose them to the unique culture and setting of Québec City. Interested students can learn more about the program and apply here.