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Fulbright Canada Chairs to the U.W. in 2012-13

March 31, 2013

The University of Washington and Fulbright Canada are partnering to host two scholars in 2012-13 – a Fulbright Canada Visiting Chair in Canadian Studies, Sari Graben, Queen’s University, and a Fulbright Chair in Innovation, Yan Cimon, l’Université Laval.

Sari Graben

Dr. Sari Graben, U.W. 2012-13 Canada-U.S. Fulbright Chair

Sari Graben, LL.B. LL.M. Ph.D., currently serves as an Arctic Policy Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, Queen’s University, Kingston. Graben’s primary research interests are in the field of administrative law, contract law, and comparative law with a special focus on issues raised by environmental contracting, privatization, and collaborative governance in the Arctic. Drawing on theories of interpretation and legal transplantation as well as regulatory governance, her work analyzes the institutions supportive of law and development and the role of expertise in disputation within international environmental regimes and domestic law.

In Spring Quarter 2013 Graben will teach a graduate seminar co-listed with Program on the Environment, JSIS 482 / 582 Canada Special Topics & ENVIR 495 Advanced Topics in Environmental Studies: Business in the Arctic – Working with Law and Policy in Resource Development. Providing an overview of the most recent legal and political developments in the Arctic, this course will emphasize challenges posed by environmental and global changes and developments in various areas of Arctic governance and will be organized around particular resource development activities. This will allow students to be exposed to the complex issues facing the Arctic from both an international and domestic perspective and to address legal/policy frameworks for dealing with them.

Graben’s course is part of the developing Arctic initiative headed up by the Canadian Studies Center.

Yan CimonYan Cimon, Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, l’Université Laval, will hold the Fulbright Chair in Innovation, part of a special competition in 2012-13. Cimon will be housed in the U.W. College of Civil and Environmental Engineering where he will work with Anne Goodchild on research addressing the changing dynamics of Canada-U.S. value chain integration. “Whether they realize it or not, North American firms operate in global and complex networks, be they supply chains, value chains or a variety of horizontal relationships. Nonetheless, few academics and executives are able to determine whether, and how, these complex network relationships truly affect their firm. The question of how a firm’s position and the architecture of its many relationships affect its competitive advantage is far from resolved. The purpose of my research,” says Cimon, “is to determine how North American (Canadian and American) firms can leverage or adjust their network position and their own capabilities to generate a sustainable competitive advantage in the North American market.”

Since 2006 the U.W. has enjoyed a close relationship and MOU with Fulbright Canada. “It continues to be a privilege and a pleasure,” notes Michael Hawes, CEO of Fulbright Canada, “working with an institute that regularly demonstrates such a strong commitment to the internationalization and to the goals and priorities that we hold dear.”

To date five U.W. Fulbright Canada Chairs have infused the U.W. with the following research and annual lectures: Sukumar Periwal, Government of British Columbia, “Beyond Borders: Regional Partnerships in the Pacific Northwest,” 2006-07; Michael Orsini, University of Ottawa, “A ‘Spectrum’ of Disputes: Framing Autism in Canada and the United States,” 2008-09; Rob Williams, University of British Columbia, “Marine Conservation in the Pacific Northwest: Whales, Salmon, and Sound,” 2009-10; Marcia Ostashewski, University of Victoria, “Métis, Mixed-ness and Music: Aboriginal-Ukrainian Encounters and Cultural Production on the Canadian Prairies,” 2010-11; and, Claudio Aporta, Trails and Their Role in the Construction of Inuit pan-Arctic Identities,” 2011-12.

The Fulbright Canada Visiting Chair in Arctic Studies is supported by the UW Office of Global Affairs, the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, Social Sciences Division, College of Arts and Sciences, College of the Environment, and the Foundation for Educational Exchange Between Canada and the United States of America, Ottawa. The Canadian Studies Center, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, serves as the hosting unit for the Fulbright Canada Chair.