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FLAS Fellow Looks at Refugee and Immigrant Law in Canada and U.S.

Boo Dodson

December 14, 2017

I was incredibly fortunate to receive a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship from the Canadian Studies Center last summer. It gave me the chance to improve my French language skills, which will assist my research and compliment my study of law. The legal issues facing refugees and immigrants fascinate me. Specifically, I am interested in refugee and immigrant integration into Canadian society and its impacts on labor, education, and security. As I continue my legal and French studies, I look forward to comparing research, statutes, and culture between provinces and from greater Canada to the United States. The two countries share a similar immigrant history, but are often split on the process of integration and resettlement. FLAS afforded me the opportunity to maximize my research in this area as it gives me access to the distinct immigrant communities of Québec. Upon graduation, I hope to work as an immigration attorney, be it domestic or abroad, assisting immigrants with an often overly complicated and intimidating system.