Huiyu Lin

PhD Student


Huiyu Lin is a PhD candidate of the College of Education. She is also an international student from Chiayi, Taiwan. Her research interest focuses on Indigenous language reclamation and revitalization (ILR2) and its association with Indigenous cultures, knowledge systems, and epistemologies. Huiyu’s inquiry process centers Indigenous worldview and follows decolonizing methodologies that are grounded in Indigenous peoples’ intellectual sovereignty. She was working as a Indigenous language administrator for Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage, Alaska. Her work was focused on the historical trauma resulting in boarding/residential schools in North America, seeking to understand the association between ILR2 and wellbeing. Currently Huiyu is working with the Cou/Tsou tribal community in Taiwan for her dissertation study. Through this study, she not only advocates the importance of Indigenous culture and worldview in the work of ILR2, but also introduces Indigenous resistance and community-led practices in a non-Western settler-colonial context.