JSIS A 410/COM 479: Technology And Politics In Taiwan


Yuan Hsiao

Course Description

The political arena in Taiwan has witnessed the influence of multiple technological advancements, including advancements from communication technologies. This course will introduce a variety of topics on how technology, especially digital technology, is applied in politics, specifically using Taiwan as the focal case. The course covers topics such as how politicians use digital technologies for campaigns in Taiwan, information attacks that try to influence Taiwanese politics, how social media mobilizes Taiwanese citizens in social movements. The course also addresses the political landscape in Taiwan, the relationship between digital technologies and politics in general, how political actors in Taiwan utilize technologies for their political goals, and the implications of communication technologies for democracy.

By the end of the course, students will understand, generally, how technologies influence politics. Student will be able to describe different aspects of Taiwanese politics and apply core concepts of digital technologies and politics to understand the case of Taiwan. So too, students will be able to analyze how changing technologies have changed Taiwanese politics and evaluate the general social and political impact of digital technologies across geopolitical arenas.

M,W 1:30-3:20
5 Credits