Topic: ethics

Tanweer | Ethnographic Fieldwork in Data Science

November 28, 2018

Posted by: jdpritch

Anissa Tanweer

Anissa Tanweer is a research scientist at the eScience Institute, UW focused on human-centered data science. Her work incorporates a range of qualitative methods for studying the practice and culture of data-intensive computational work, including interviews, surveys, and participant observation. At her QUAL Speaker Series talk, Tanweer highlighted some challenges common for ethnographers but also presented some unique ethical tensions and recalled her own research issues and offered approaches to addressing them.

Meyer | IRB Review and Qualitative Research

April 28, 2017

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Adrienne Meyer

Challenges and Strategies of Applying Biomedically-focused Regulations to Qualitative Methods All non-exempt research involving human subjects must have advance IRB approval. The University of Washington runs its own Institutional Review