Resources on the conflict in Gaza

For the general public

Podcasts and Recordings:

OCTOBER 19, 2023 | The Rise and Fall of American Ambition in the Middle East with Steven Simon

NOVEMBER 13, 2023 | Israel and Hamas in Perspective with Professor Alan Dowty 

JANUARY 16, 2024 | On the Ground in Israel Now with Joel Migdal (UW Jackson School)

JANUARY 22, 2024 | Hope and Despair in Israel/Palestine with Mira Sucharov (Carleton University), Omar Dajani (University of the Pacific), and Liora Halperin (UW Jackson School)

JANUARY 30, 2024 | The Question of Palestine and the Evolution of Solidarity and Resistance in the U.S. with Karam Dana (UW Bothell)

FEBRUARY 6, 2024 | The ‘New Elites’ of X: Identifying the Most Influential Accounts Engaged in Hamas/Israel Discourse with Kate Starbird (UW Center for an Informed Public), Mert Bayar (UW Center for an Informed Public), and Mike Caulfield (UW Center for an Informed Public)

FEBRUARY 13, 2024 | Regional Repercussions of the War with Marc Lynch (The George Washington University)

For students and faculty


The University of Washington’s libraries contain an outstanding collection of original and source materials on the Middle East as well as extensive access to the most recent publications on contemporary topics. We are fortunate to have a skilled librarian, Mary St. Germain, who is dedicated to managing the Middle East collections. Students and faculty can email Ms. Germain for assistance in research on this topic at Ms. Germain has also created a new resource guide focusing on the background and broader context of Palestine and Israel.

The UW librarians have also created a new guide with key news resources that can help students and faculty when searching for reliable information regarding the conflict. Of particular interest is the range of news sources available through the UW libraries that provide a global perspectives on recent events.


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Reliable news and media sources on the Middle East and the Israel-Hamas Conflict:

As a basic yet thorough explainer of the current conflict, we recommend this report by the PBS News Hour: War in the Holy Land.

The following sources provide reliable and verified information that you can trust because, unlike various other social media sources, they have been produced according to high professional and ethical journalistic standards and are fact checked and verified. They are established outlets that have a record of being reliable, responsible, and accountable.

This does not mean that they are necessarily objective or balanced. Any reporting involves interpretation and choices of stories and interviewers, and different outlets have distinct coverage policies and narratives. Between these sources, you can choose the information that you want to get, but you can know that it is trustworthy. These news outlets can be followed via their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, podcast apps, and so on.

American Sources
British Sources
Sources from the Arab World
Sources focusing on Israel
International Aid

Crisis support:

The Office of Student Life is available to assist students who may be affected by the current conflict.