FLAS Fellowships

FLAS Fellows

United States Department of Education Middle East Center Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowship Awardees

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Summer 2019

Undergraduate Awardees

Sasha Jenkins

Sasha Jenkins (Arabic)
Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
As an undergraduate, Sasha Jenkins has focused her studies on immigration and refugee issues in the Middle East with a particular interest in the impact of policy on women refugees, who suffer from disproportionate and often unrecorded violence. In addition to her academic coursework on the Middle East, Sasha has also interned at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations and with the advocacy organization, Global Citizen, where she gained broad experience in policy research, negotiation, and international institutional reform.

Hannah Myrick

Hannah Myrick (Arabic)
Hannah Myrick is majoring in Journalism, with a double major in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization. She is passionate about communicating the stories of people whose lives and worlds are often untold.  Her first introduction to being an international reporter was last summer in Amman as a UW Journalism intern working at the English-language Jordan Times, where she learned how important it was to be able to communicate in the language of those she was reporting on. This summer she will return to Jordan to strengthen her Arabic language skills and develop a deeper cultural understanding of the Middle East.


Noah Tashbook

Noah Tashbook (Arabic)
Physics and Near Eastern Languages and Civilization
Noah Tashbook is doing a double major in Physics and Near Eastern Languages and Civilization. He has the rare talent of combining the study of the physical sciences with the humanities working in the fields of technology and scientific research at the UW and Seattle Children’s Research Institute, while at the same time studying political Islam, historical biblical interpretation, early Islamic historiography, and Islamic law. Noah aims to go on to graduate study and a career in Foreign Service, policy development, or scientific research.

 Graduate Awardees

Melinda Cohoon

Melinda Cohoon (Persian)
Interdisciplinary Program in Near and Middle Eastern Studies
Melinda Cohoon is pursuing her Ph.D. specializing in video gaming in the Middle East, with a concentration on the cultural production of video games and gamers from Iran. Her research will show how the Iranian gaming community in World of Warcraft (WoW) is embodied, or rather, made tangible in an online context through the use of affect theory and a gender lens. Most ethnographic studies on WoW, a game with a transnational player base, are centered on the US gamer experience. By focusing on Iran, this not only decenters the traditional Western scope but will elucidate how Iranian gamers are part of, and impact, the global flow of game culture. This summer, Melinda will be advancing her Persian language skills studying at the Aspirantum–Armenia School of Languages and Cultures, Yerevan, Armenia.


Erin Kelleher

 Erin Kelleher (Turkish)
Near Eastern Languages and Civilization
Erin Kelleher is pursuing her M.A. studying both Arabic and Turkish. Her research focuses on late 19th and early 20th century Egyptian nationalism as expressed in printed periodicals of the time. She plans to continue her study at the Ph.D. level. Erin will be studying Turkish this summer at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey.