Arianna Hall



Arianna is a Korea Studies M.A. student with the Jackson School for International Studies. Her research explores South Korea’s development of soft power through contemporary pop cultural exportation. She is particularly intrigued by the political and cultural implications this has on neighboring nation states. Additionally, she seeks to delve deeper into the domestic effects of using culture as a commodity on South Korean society.

Arianna recently completed a gap-year working at a NPO to collaborate with and assist families experiencing homelessness through their journey of upward mobility. Prior to that, she spent a year as an Independent Researcher, traveling for short periods to Cuba and South Korea to complete ethnographic studies on the relationship between music, culture, and artists to the current political atmosphere. During this time, she also received the Miller Library Fellowship to produce an academic article on the current state of Korean traditional music. She also completed an Administrative Assistant internship with the Scottish Affairs Committee of Parliament in London.

Arianna holds a dual undergraduate degree in Political Science and Music from Washington College (Chestertown, MD).

Grants & Fellowships

Academy of Korea Studies Graduate Fellowship, 2022

United States Department of State Critical Language Scholarship, 2022

Foreign Languages and Area Studies Fellowship, 2021