MA and PhD in Asian Languages and Cultures

The MA and PhD Programs in Asian Languages and Cultures in the department of Asian Languages and Literature are flexible degree tracks. They are offered to students whose academic interests are not currently met by existing graduate programs within the department. Students are encouraged to apply to the Asian Languages and Cultures MA or PhD program if they aim to focus on fields including but not limited to (1) transregional and interdisciplinary studies (such as Asian film and cultural studies), (2) fields that currently do not have a program-specific MA or PhD track (such as Korean and Southeast Asian studies), and (3) fields that are not covered by existing tracks in a specific program (for example, Japanese/Chinese linguistics and art).

A group of faculty members in the relevant fields that the student is interested in will form a preliminary supervisory committee at the time the department considers offers of admission. The supervisory committee will consist of a minimum of two faculty members for the MA program and a minimum of three for the PhD program.

Once admitted, the preliminary supervisory committee will be formalized and the student will propose a set of specific courses for the committee’s approval to satisfy either the MA or the PhD requirements for the Asian Languages and Cultures track.

Asian Languages and Cultures MA Program
Asian Languages and Cultures PhD Program