Student Opportunities

EPIK Teaching Program

EPIK was established in 1995 and is affiliated with the Korean Ministry of Education. Since its inception, EPIK has had the goals of improving the English-speaking abilities of Korean students and teachers, developing cultural exchange between Korea and abroad, and of introducing new teaching methods into the Korean education system.

Take the opportunity and join us by applying to the EPIK Program. You’ll get a great start in a teaching career all while making a difference and experiencing Korean culture.

Applications open annually for winter and summer admission.

Study Korea Studies in Korea

The Graduate School of Korean Studies (“GSKS”) is a research-oriented graduate school in the fields of humanities and social sciences pertinent to Korea, which aims at nurturing scholars who will contribute to the development and globalization of Korean studies. Since its establishment in 1980 as Korea’s first professional school dedicated exclusively to Korean studies, the GSKS has provided intensive research-oriented education through eminent professors’ close mentoring of students.

In 2015, the Korean Culture and Society major was newly established under the Division of Global Korean Studies with a goal to equip students with knowledge of Korean culture at large through interpretation of the original text relevant to Korean history, civilization, society and thought. Furthermore, it reflects our future-oriented aspiration of internationalization of tradition and preparation of the unified Korea. Recruiting suitably qualified applicants for the major, we plan to fully support them to grow them into potential faculty members in the field of Korean studies abroad.

Key Attributes
◦ Tuition fees are fully waived for international students.
◦ The Government Grant of KRW750,000 per month is provided for selected students.
◦ Free Korean language courses are provided to assist international students with academic writing, presentations and discussions as well as communication skills.
◦ On-campus dormitory accommodations are available at the rate of KRW477,400 per semester, double occupancy.
◦ A 4:1 student-faculty ratio enables close one-to-one guidance of students by professors.
◦ Various kinds of courses are available including major-specific courses, interdisciplinary courses, independent study with student’s own topic and research plans, fieldwork and research credit.
◦ Students may earn credits by publishing articles in accredited academic journals.
Program Overview
◦ Coursework period is 2 years for a master’s degree program and 3 years for a doctoral degree program.
◦ An academic year consists of two semesters, which are Spring Semester (from March 1 to August 31) and Fall Semester (from September 1 to the end of February the following year), and courses are provided for 15 weeks each semester.