Phillip Meng

Editor in Chief, 2022-23


Phillip Meng was Editor in Chief of the Jackson School Journal of International Studies in 2022-23 (alongside Wendi Zhou). The 2022-23 Editorial Board led the editing process for the Conflict and Conciliation issue of the Journal.

Outside of the journal, Phillip was an undergraduate fellow with the Center for Environmental Politics and served on the board of the Pacific Chapter of the American Association for Public Opinion Research.


From the Editors: Conflict and Conciliation

A Conversation with Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch on the Future of Ukraine and Great Power Competition

A Conversation with Congressman Adam Smith on U.S. National Security and Arms Control After the Russian Invasion of Ukraine


  • Foster School of Business, University of Washington, BA (Interdisciplinary Honors), Finance, Information Systems
  • Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington, BA (Interdisciplinary Honors), Global and Regional Studies