Peer Reviewer Team

The Jackson School Journal depends on a diverse and committed group of peer reviewers to revise and edit new papers for content, flow, and structure. Peer Reviewers meet in small teams to discuss with an editor new submissions and offer comments that will be passed back to the author.

Peer Reviewer comments are instrumental in guiding editorial decisions by the Editorial Board, and is an critical part of the publication process. The peer reviewing process enables the Editorial Board to base its decisions on a wider pool of opinions, which in turn helps ensure the quality and integrity of the Journal.

Our Peer Review Team is an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in International Affairs and would like to develop their editorial skills to apply. We encourage applications from students outside the Jackson School, particularly underclassmen.

Editorial Board

Students who are interested in taking leadership roles and further refine their writing and editing skills are encouraged to apply for the Jackson School Journal Editorial Board. Editors collaborate closely with authors to bring articles to publication. Additionally, editors have opportunities to work with Jackson School Faculty, and interview visiting experts in the field of International Studies.

Responsibilities Include:
  • Reviewing, evaluating, and selecting submissions for publication
  • Citations and Copy-editing
  • Working closely with authors on their articles throughout the quarter
  • Interviewing professionals in international policy and transcribing those interviews
  • Participating in the Peer Review process
  • Presenting papers to faculty at advisory board meetings
  • Attending Editorial Board Meetings
  • Specialized tasks: Photography, graphic design, website management, social media, etc.