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Volume 11, Issue 1 (Spring/Summer 2023)

Vol. 11 No.1

summer 2023

Jackson School Journal Vol. 11 cover


  • Phillip Meng
  • Jingyi Pan
  • Casper Suen
  • Wendi Zhou

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About this issue:

The Spring/Summer 2023 edition of the Jackson School Journal of International Studies is oriented around conflict and conciliation. Vanessa Zelenović writes about post-conflict reconciliation in the European context, offering analysis of how EU institutions supported reconciliation processes in parts of Europe–including the Balkans, the last major battlefield in continental Europe. Rachel Blair writes about military justice in Chile and how military jurisdiction in human rights cases relates to the country’s post-Pinochet social progress.

Following the articles, our Expert Insights section (which features interviews of distinguished visitors) draws these conversations into the present. We ask former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch to conceptualize a just conclusion to the war in Ukraine and discuss U.S.-led support for the country’s defense. And we speak with Congressman Adam Smith, then-Chair of the House Armed Services Committee, about the prospects for arms control and the specter of great power competition.